Currently, Central Stores purchases over 12,000 cases of toilet paper per year. There are 12 rolls @ 1,000 ft per roll in each case for a grand total of 144,000 linear feet of toilet paper per year!

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Sales & Supplies

  • Central Stores carries a wide variety of items used by the university, state and county extension services, and other state organizations.
    • For more information on any of our products, call (515) 294-0408, and our sales personnel will be happy to answer any of your questions.
    • You can also contact Bill Spratt at 515-294-0402 for more product information.


  • Our AccessPlus CyBuy online ordering system is quick and easy to use.
  • Hand written requisitions can be faxed to 515-294-6394 or phoned in to 515-294-0408 or emailed to CS Sales.

Specialty Items

  • Merchandise that cannot be obtained from Central Stores stock may be purchased from our local contract suppliers.
  • Central Stores is available to make daily downtown pick ups from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
  • If you need help purchasing items not stocked by Central Stores, call (515) 294-0408 for assistance.

New Products & Requests

  • We are adding new products as requested.
  • If we do not carry what you need, please contact Bill Spratt at 515-294-0402 or by email.

New Products & Delivery

  • Central Stores provides free same day delivery of all stock and special order items.

Lamp Recycling

Lend-A-Box Program

  • Central Stores has moving boxes available to assist you in moving your office.
  • These boxes are loaned out to departments with a $1.50 deposit per box.
  • Call Bill Spratt at 515-294-0402 or email to order.
  • Your boxes will be delivered to your location.
  • When your move is complete, contact Central Stores and we will pick up the empty boxes.
    • A credit will be issued for all reusable boxes returned.
    • PLEASE DO NOT WRITE DIRECTLY ON THE BOXES as they are reused many times.
    • Masking tape is recommended for labeling.
    • You will also need 2" clear tape for building the boxes as they come flat.
    • Central Stores stocks both tapes needed.
    • Questions? Bill Spratt 515-294-0402 or email.


  • Departments can view their weekly billing online through E-Reports on AccessPlus.
    • Online requisitions can be viewed at any time through our online ordering system.
    • Any work orders can be reviewed here.
    • Billing questions? Call Tami Wicks at 515-294-5762