Central Receiving - FAQ


What is Central Receiving?

ISU Central Receiving will act as a single point delivery for ISU campus. Central Receiving will receive, track and redistribute university funded materials to ISU departments at no additional charge.  Departmental ship to addresses shall remain the same.


Why Central Receiving?

The main objective of Central Receiving is to increase student and staff safety by reducing vehicle traffic on ISU campus. Along with safety, Central Receiving will deliver supply chain and operational efficiencies to Iowa State University.


Where is Central Receiving located?

ISU Central Receiving will be located south of ISU campus at 925 Airport Road (Ames, IA).


How is freight damage handled?

Central Receiving personnel are trained to inspect each item received. If any damage is suspect, the end customer will be contacted. Please see our Policy and Procedures page for more information.


Will Central Receiving charge for last mile delivery to campus?

Central Receiving will not charge for any routine deliveries to campus. Charges will be assessed for the following special handling requirements: installation, assembly of goods, inside delivery (i.e. lab deliveries) & moving services.


Will Central Receiving receive/deliver parcel (package) shipments?

No - ISU Central Receiving will not receive or deliver parcel (UPS/FedEx/Speedee/USPS) packages. Parcel carriers will continue to deliver direct to all university departments.


Does Central Receiving offer storage?

Central Receiving offers short term & long term storage. Call Todd Wilson 515-294-1804 for more details.


How soon can I expect my delivery once received at Central Receiving?

Office Depot & Grainger shipments will be delivered directly to the room number noted on the package within the same day or next day of being received at Central Receiving.

Freight deliveries will be schedule with the end customer once received at Central Receiving. Expedited delivery is available. Call Todd Wilson 515-294-1804 for more details.


Will Central Receiving accept full-truck load shipments?

Central Receiving will coordinate full-truck load/large item deliveries with the ISU end-customer. Call Todd Wilson 515-294-1804 for more details


Can I pick my item up from Central Receiving?

Yes - walk in pick ups are welcome. Central Receiving pick ups are available M-F 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.


Can I ship personal items to Central Receiving?

No - personal items will not be accepted at Central Receiving.


How do I ship outbound freight using Central Receiving?

Central Receiving utilizes the latest in software technology to leverage the best prices available for outbound freight shipments. Central Receiving will handle all aspects of the shipping process, saving the ISU end customer time and money. Call Todd Wilson 515-294-1804 or Jared Hohanshelt 515-294-1873 to schedule an outbound freight shipment.


How secure are my items at Central Receiving?

All items received at Central Receiving are electronically tracked ensuring supply chain visibility.